Pioneering empathetic filmmaking.

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BlueShoe Media is an elite empathetic documentary filmmaking company. We are all about finding & telling stories that connect and impact the world. We are intentional to combine heartfelt storytelling methods with top-quality production value to produce impactful documentary films that inspire and move audiences to take compassionate action.

Our films are developed and produced from start to finish in-house. We use traditional and non-traditional storytelling methods, tools, and techniques, such as virtual reality & augmented reality to pioneer the way stories are told. 

Finding & Telling Stories

Stories unite and connect us to something we all share as humans.

Discovering Empathy

Empathy helps us understand what it's like to walk in others' shoes.

Global Perspective

We aim to inspire and offer whole new perspectives on the way we see the world.

What We Do

Documentary Production

Documentary filmmaking is at our core as storytellers! Our team is armed with unique experience domestically and internationally. We have done work in India, Lebanon, Greece, to name a few.

Virtual Reality Storytelling

Virtual Reality has the ability to allow audiences to empathize with others in ways that traditional video can not achieve. We have complete capability to create content in 3D/360 Virtual Reality experiences using state-of-the-art technology and proprietary capture methods.

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