We are storytellers.

First and foremost, we are storytellers. We produce interactive documentary films using a unique and deliberate storytelling approach--to tell stories from the inside out. We do this by connecting with individual people and their stories in order to make sense of differences that separate us and overcome those differences through walking in others' shoes (empathy). Empathy is the cornerstone of the mission and directives that guide BlueShoe Media and, we believe, the foundation for a compassionate & loving world.

Our Vision.

To influence and inspire the world to be compassionate; to overcome our differences, to learn to bear one another’s burdens, and to love one another by tapping into the mysterious power of story.

Our Mission.

To connect and transform hearts through empathetic storytelling. 

Our History.

BlueShoe Media launched in 2014 from a passion to tell stories that could truly impact people. BlueShoe’s founder, Kyle Rasmussen had a dream to use his skills in journalism and media production to tell stories that could make an impact by allowing people to step into the shoes of others around the world.

Kyle decided if BlueShoe was going to be telling stories around the world, that is exactly how it should start. He assembled a team of passionate students at Colorado State University to join him on a mission to film a full-feature documentary in India. This documentary about widows would open the doors to a tremendous journey, and make way for the dream to allow creatives with a passion to tell stories a place to create freely. 

Kyle Rasmussen

Owner, Founder, & CEO

Kyle has a heart for telling great stories and a passion for connecting with people through empathy.  He graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Communication and Technology.  His international documentary experience makes him stand out from other creatives.  His dedication, commitment, and vision to tell meaningful stories is unparalleled.

Top Quality... Period.

Stories matter, and we believe they should be nurtured as such. That is why we use industry-leading equipment to capture high-quality video and crisp audio. From development to distribution, our productions (whether it be documentary, virtual reality, or wedding films) are handled with the best professional care to ensure proficient and skillful quality.