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12 Easy Practices for Directing Compelling On-Camera Interviews

5. Actively Respond How lame is it when you are having a conversation with you, and they are constantly changing the subject. That’s not a conversation because there is no conversing. The best on-camera interviews come across personal and conversational. You feel as if the interviewee is speaking directly to you. How do producers do that? They actively respond. It

Red Chair Sessions

“Red Chair Sessions”
Part 3: A Slave to Apathy

As I mentioned in my last blog, Red Chair Session Part 2: Becoming a Storyhunter. I was able to hear the stories of people in Germany that blew me away. Listening to stories about where they had come from, where they had gone, and how they had arrived where they were when I met them. It was incredible. People seemed

How To

Visual Storytelling through Editing

Stories are a fascinating aspect of our society. We can all think of a story that has had some significance to us in our lives; a family story, a religious story, a story about a night out with friends, or a story of hardships in life and how we overcame the odds. At BlueShoe Media, we believe that everyone has

Red Chair Sessions

“Red Chair Sessions” Part 2: Becoming a Storyhunter

This installation of the “Red Chair Sessions” series is going to focus on the year that led up to me becoming a storyhunter and leaving on a storyhunting venture to Germany. I want to continue where I left off in the last blog (see part 1 of this series) by beginning the telling of my story. There is obviously a

Red Chair Sessions

“Red Chair Sessions” Part 1: Sitting in the Red Chair

A couple weeks ago I was chatting with a friend and he told me how he liked to hear people’s stories. Whenever he wanted to hear someone’s story, he had a saying: he would “put them in the red chair.” This got me thinking and sparked an idea. I bought a red chair and wanted to sit people down to

How To

Your Guide to Online Learning Platforms for Creators

  As creators, our field is ever-evolving. Each year, new gear and upgraded software are released, rendering the previous year’s innovations all but outdated by providing just a little more speed or dynamic range or customizability. In this industry of constant technological turnover, a creator must embrace growth. We need to practice and upgrade our technical skills to avoid rusting.


Theresa Storck: My Dear Friend

“Pure Happenstance” In my mind I don’t often see life full of coincidences, and by often I mean never. I truly think that every moment and every opportunity has a place and is a chance to impact and improve who we are as people and make us more capable of helping ourselves and those around us. That being said, I don’t believe


Tyree: The Fighter for Life

  Tyree the Boxer While I was in Köln, I had the chance to meet a fantastic guy named Tyree. He is someone who goes to church with Theresa (her story still to come) and she told me that he would not only be interested in sharing his story, but that it was one that I would love! So I


Teaching Role Models of Our Global Community

  Meeting the Schäper(d)s of Germany While traveling through Germany, I decided to spend the weekend in a city called Köln (which is Cologne outside of Germany) with a friend that I met while in the States, Amy. We spent some time in an Air BNB while exploring the city and met the wonderful Theresa Storck (whose story will come


Meeting a Guide: Friederike Pfeiffer-de Bruin

  Meeting my Guide The context in which Rike and I met is one of the most important aspects of our friendship. I spent my entire first day in Germany traveling, and only thanks to Rike did I actually make it to my appropriate destination without needing to sleep on a train or waste extra time and money. After blindly running


Freund of a Friend

One Connection to Start it All The most intimidating and abrasive part of my journey in the beginning was the lack of structure. I was set up to go to Germany for 3 weeks, had my tickets in and out of München (Munich), and a lot of time to figure everything else out as I arrived and shared stories with


The Beginning of the Trial of Story Hunting

I am a Story Hunter. My purpose and goal is to hear the lives and stories of people that I meet while traveling the world. My hope, and I think the hope of BlueShoe Media as whole, however is to capture not just the story but the context that lies behind it. To truly see the people that are around

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