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12 Easy Practices for Directing Compelling On-Camera Interviews

5. Actively Respond How lame is it when you are having a conversation with you, and they are constantly changing the subject. That’s not a conversation because there is no conversing. The best on-camera interviews come across personal and conversational. You feel as if the interviewee is speaking directly to you. How do producers do that? They actively respond. It

Red Chair Sessions

“Red Chair Sessions”
Part 3: A Slave to Apathy

As I mentioned in my last blog, Red Chair Session Part 2: Becoming a Storyhunter. I was able to hear the stories of people in Germany that blew me away. Listening to stories about where they had come from, where they had gone, and how they had arrived where they were when I met them. It was incredible. People seemed


Virtual Reality: The Ultimate Empathy Machine?

A long wooden boat glides through the water, passing by the stilted houses that tower above it. Someone leans out of a window, watching from above as the boat carries you past. The perspective shifts inside the virtual reality headset, and in the next moment, an elephant reaches toward you while its herd ambles across the tall grass. Although reality

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