The Beginning of the Trial of Story Hunting

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I am a Story Hunter. My purpose and goal is to hear the lives and stories of people that I meet while traveling the world. My hope, and I think the hope of BlueShoe Media as whole, however is to capture not just the story but the context that lies behind it. To truly see the people that are around the world and know their hearts and lives in a deeper way than just questions for an interview, but to get to see the things that make them joyful and peaceful, as well as the ways they have felt hardship or strife. Through these interactions, my hope is that I truly get to help change the world.

 My hope is that in hearing stories of people, they have a chance to see that their lives have the ability and power to impact people around the world. Our lives are not just for us to keep to ourselves, but to share with the world, and I want to give that opportunity to everyone by showing them how important the experiences that have are. Through this blog, my hope is to share this passion with you, even if at times the story may not seem “whole”, just that we would have a bigger perspective on what the lives of those other than ourselves look like. That we would care to ask. That we would care to listen, and that we would care to tell everything. Our stories. Our lives. To share who I am. To share You.

The third man that I got to meet is named Tyson Hall (pictured below). He is the man that I sat next to on my first flight, and while the gentleman to my right very quickly passed out with his Beats headphones on, Tyson and I got to hear about each other’s lives. Though Tyson lives in Fort Collins, CO, he has had the opportunity to have many travels throughout his life. He has always been someone who seeks to understand the world and the things in it intellectually and to expand his knowledge of why things work.

This particular journey is taking me to Germany, and while each journey must have its beginning, I was fortunate enough to have mine begin with some practice sharing my mission as well as hearing other’s due to my first flight being delayed. I got to meet Helen, who was headed to a meeting to find out the logistics of her company being acquired by a larger one. Chris was on his way to yet another meeting to sell large scale mechanical equipment to different businesses around the nation.

So after studying Engineering in college, Tyson took to a career selling and working with chemicals (the types that help people not destroy crops). However after years of working in this field, creating multiple patents and making many developments worldwide, his company had a switch in management. Through this transition, it helped him recognize his need for something different. For people that were as involved in, and cared as much as he did about their jobs and impact. At this time he got to meet the CEO of one of the world’s leading poultry businesses (and no it was not Tyson chicken unfortunately). Upon interview and interaction with the company, he realized that this company was made up of farmers and ranchers that were directly involved with and cared deeply about what they were doing. From that point he began working with this company that he knew would be helping the world and caring about how they did it. 

And that was all that I got to hear of Tyson’s story. But I know that he is out helping impact the world, even if it is with chicken (especially if it is with chicken), in a positive way. Tyson blessed me with a fade-away photo of him due to being camera shy which was very appreciated.

That was the beginning to my journey of The Trial of the Story Hunter, and it was awesome. I am excited to see the people that I meet and hear the amazing experiences that they have and the ways that they will not only impact me, but the world through me. Thanks for tuning in, and remember: sometimes you have to be the captain of your own journey and make a heading, trusting that the waves and wind will take you where you need to be at the proper time.


Thanks to Captain Suitcase (right) for giving me the idea for the ending of my entry. Prost!