Tyree: The Fighter for Life

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Tyree the Boxer

While I was in Köln, I had the chance to meet a fantastic guy named Tyree. He is someone who goes to church with Theresa (her story still to come) and she told me that he would not only be interested in sharing his story, but that it was one that I would love! So I got to hang out with Tyree, and even though it was only a few hours, in that time I got to hear this amazing man’s story and the different experiences that he has had throughout his life. It was hard to listen to parts of it just because of how my heart yearned to help him, but as he spoke of his transformation through God and boxing, it was a truly inspiring experience. Anyone who gets the chance to meet or interact with this man should absolutely take the opportunity.

I don’t think that I can do justice in speaking about the experiences in this man’s life and allow them have the same impact, so I want to let him share it himself. This is Tyree’s story, and I’m so excited to hear about how it continues to shape the people around him as I get opportunities to hear from him or see him again.