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We produce documentary films using a unique and deliberate storytelling approach–to tell stories from the inside out. We do this by connecting with individual people and their stories in order to make sense of differences that separate us and overcome those differences through walking in others’ shoes (empathy). Empathy is the cornerstone of the mission and directives that guide BlueShoe Media and, we believe, the foundation for a compassionate & loving world.

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When an Indian woman becomes a widow, her life changes without warning. She faces abandonment by her family and rejection by those around her. Beyond Karma is a powerful film about the plight of widows and the hope that exists in their lives through stories of their empowerment.



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The Middle East crisis continues to displace millions of people. Refugees are fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and surrounding nations as war pushes them out of their homes. These refugees seek asylum in Europe, but to do so they must take a long journey across treacherous waters. This film follows three Americans that travel the same route alongside the refugees. Their journey starts in Beirut, Lebanon and ends in Berlin, Germany. 

(In collaboration with Movement Films)


Do you have a story to tell? We want to help bring it to the world. Partner with us to start the process of telling your story. We’ll work with you one-on-one and use our refined storytelling skills to develop and produce a documentary film that tells your story and makes an impact. Don’t worry about the budget quite yet. We offer financial assistance programs that your story may qualify for. Get in touch with us to start the process!

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