Who I Am

This moving virtual reality documentary film immerses us into the story about a perfectly timed experiment between first-generation college students and immigrant and refugee high school students. Despite their seemingly different backgrounds, the first-generation students begin to mentor the high school students and an authentic bond begins to emerge. There are moments when the mentor becomes the mentee and the culmination of their work together is life changing.

Experience this Virtually Reality documentary and become a part of this inspiring and uplifting story.


Presented by BlueShoe Media

Format:  3D Virtual Reality, 360

Runtime: 12:06

Executive Producer: Amy Hoeven

Directed by: Kyle Rasmussen

Associate Producer: Brandon Wooldridge

© 2017 BlueShoe Media, all rights reserved.

About the Film

“Who I Am” captures an up-close look at the work of Colorado State University Ethnic Studies Professor Dr. Eric Ishiwata. Dr. Ishiwata specializes in working with communities to effectively assimilate an influx of immigrants and refugees. With a population of only 11,000 and with 35.8% of the households speaking a language other than English in their homes, Fort Morgan, Colorado, is one of those communities and is considered the most diverse in the state. When a group of first-generation CSU students get involved with Dr. Ishiwata’s work an exciting journey, with inspiring results, begins.

The first-generation CSU students began mentoring a group of English Language Learning immigrant and refugee students at Fort Morgan High School during the fall semester of the 2016 school year. The students’ first meeting was full of nervous excitement, and we watched as they started relating to each other in different and special ways. Throughout the semester we witnessed their growing trust and their relentless desire to communicate with each other evolve. In the end, the students were confident and eager to tell their touching, personal stories and for some, a new-found sense of purpose had emerged. Even though their time together was brief, the impact was life-changing for both groups of students and for all involved.

About the Team and BlueShoe Media

Amy Hoeven (Hoeven Inc.), Kyle Rasmussen (CEO, BlueShoe Media) and Brandon Wooldridge (COO, BlueShoe Media) are Colorado State University, College of Liberal Arts, alumnae. Amy is a native of Colorado and grew up in Sterling, 45 miles from Fort Morgan. After visiting Fort Morgan and witnessing the work first hand, she was compelled to tell this story in a way that allowed people to feel like they were in Fort Morgan, too. She approached her friends Kyle and Brandon about creating a Virtual Reality film documenting the work of Dr. Ishiwata and these students because of their passion and ability to tell great stories and connect people through empathy. The result is this truly inspiring and immersive story.